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Get Valuable Attention on Social Media

Social media marketing is an inexpensive, powerful way to get noticed online. In 2020, over 70% of the U.S. population, that’s 223 million Americans, used social networks. So it’s a good bet your prospects are there, too.1

But how do you take advantage?

First thing, you need the right kinds of dynamic images and short form content. But this takes time. And graphic design expertise. This is where I can help.

First, let’s build a social media marketing strategy. Then create the images and content to make it work. You can get your feet wet with a three month plan. Or dive in with a six or twelve month plan. I’ll submit the images and text for you to publish the post yourself. Or I’ll publish them for you.

Your presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn keeps your brand consistently in front of your community. So when prospects are ready to buy, you’ll be top of mind. You get the edge, not your competition.

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The Hilltop Social Media Marketing Approach

Social media is a higher, more intimate level of engagement. Therefore, the key to success is in understanding as much as we can about your prospects and customers.

  • Discovery

    I’ll learn everything I can about your business. Your story, your mission, products and services. The focus is on your customers, where they are on social media, and what they’re interested in.

  • Goal Setting

    We’ll talk about what you want out of your social media marketing. Is it to reach a larger audience of prospects and customers? Build your brand? Increase customer loyalty? This discussion helps us create the right content to reach your goals.

    We’ll also decide how much of your content is self-promotional. And how much informational, even entertaining.

  • Content Creation

    The content you create will depend on your audience. And what social media channels that audience is on. We’ll determine what interests them. Then craft short form copy and eye-catching images they want to read, like, and share.

  • Implementation

    Set a schedule of posts. Then decide whether to have Hilltop post for you or post them yourself.

“Leigh Ann at Hilltop Marketing is great to work with. I had always been led to believe hiring a marketing firm was cost prohibitive for a sole proprietor small business. So I struggled doing things on my own until I met Leigh Ann. She was definitely in my budget to work with and she made everything so much easier and the turnaround was very fast. I love her work.”

MaryBeth RitenourRestore You Massage

“She was able to take my idea and bring it to life”

Essential Oils Are SweetBethany SweetEssential Oils Are Sweet

“Leigh Ann Lowe Dillon was great at finding out what my needs were in marketing my business and putting together a plan to accomplish my goals. She was able to get the marketing done that I didn’t have time to or didn’t know how to do.”

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Let me help you create compelling social media content.

And organize your campaign to keep your brand front of mind.  Get in touch today.