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Getting Started with Social Media

Want to get started with social media but don’t know where to begin?  You have probably heard of some of these channels – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, LinkedIn, YouTube, and others.  It can be overwhelming!   Don’t be afraid to jump right in.

Know this.  You can begin one at a time.  And you don’t have to participate in all of them.  You can choose one or two channels to have a presence in and maybe you will only stay in those one or two channels.  That’s okay.  Whatever fits your brand.

Begin by knowing which channel is right for you.  If you run an automotive repair shop, Pinterest might not be the best social media outlet for your business.  But Facebook is a great place to post promotions and updates.  And if you have a LinkedIn and Instagram account, you are probably not going to want to post the same content in both channels.  But Instagram and Facebook are channels where the content can probably be shared.  In fact, these two have linking functions.  If you aren’t familiar with which channel is right for you, you can begin by creating personal accounts and following some other individuals and businesses.  This is a great way to get a feel for the type of content that is posted.  Look at posting frequency.  Look at style (serious or fun).  Look at media types (video/images/text).

Here are some tips to help with content:

Introduce yourself in your first few posts.  Tell your readers a little bit about you.  You might not have any readers or followers in the beginning but down the road when potential clients are scoping out your profiles they are going to want to skim through to get a sense for your business style and personality.  Tell them what your services are.  Tell them what geography you serve.  Tell them where to find you (website, physical address).  Tell them to follow you, and give them your name on other channels so they can follow you there too.

Think about what your audience wants and needs.  Provide content that they find interesting and useful.  Stay up to date on industry news and share with a comment.  Your comment doesn’t have to be an opinion, you can share an article with the text “This just in from Industry news magazine…”  If you have the time to write a comment though it is great for the readers to know your opinion.  This presents you and your business as knowledgeable and credible.

Cross promote and integrate.  Share your website on Twitter.  Share your blog post on facebook.  Share a picture related to your blog post on Instagram and tell them where to go to read the whole story.  Make your social media icons prominent on your website.  Link it all together like a nice thick web, but make sure that it is organized too.

Finding it hard to come up with content?  Write a schedule.  There are templates out there that can help you plot your posting.   A couple of fun items I like to integrate into a social media schedule are social media calendars and employee spotlights.  Did you know that there is a national french toast day?  And a national novel writing month?  There are calendars out there (google it!) that can help you with inspiration on a reason to post something about your business.  Employee spotlights are a fun and interesting way to position your business as friendly and personal.

Quality is key.  Don’t drive your followers to the dreaded un-follow button!  There is such a thing as too much posting!  For real!  It is better to have less posts that are business relevant than more posts that drive your followers away.

For help getting started in social media, remember – go ahead and begin.  Sometimes done is better than perfect.  If you need some help long-term or if you just don’t have the time to come up with all of the content, reach out.  We can work together to find a plan that makes your life more simple, and drives engagement with your business.