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Every Business Needs a Website

Every business needs a website. Even businesses that do not sell directly to consumers. The truth is, no one references the yellow pages anymore. For phone numbers, an address, and basic research, google is the first step for most people now. And if your business doesn’t appear as a result using reasonable search terms, you might be missing out.

It’s great to have a reference page for your product or service. And a regular website is the best forum for this. Some entrepreneurs host their product information page on Facebook, but you can never guarantee that your posts will show up in the feeds of your followers. The content also isn’t searchable on Facebook like it is on an organic website. Other businesses rely on Yelp or FourSquare for product reviews but why would you not want to control the review content that people are looking for? It is important in this current business environment for your information to appear through a google search, and for that business information to be controlled by you.

According to the American Marketing Association, consumers expect to find product information at a company website. In fact, more than half of consumers in a 2014 study look for at least some type of content from their favorite brands through at least one type of online property, primarily a website. 1

Your competitors are doing it. It is easier than you think. Every business needs a website.

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