Digital Marketing Strategy

Get On Track with the Right Content on the Right Platforms

Confused by the endless choices in online media? Most marketers agree (as I do) that your website should be the hub of your internet presence. But what about a blog? And should you build an email list? Then there’s social media…Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn. So many options!

It’s easy to get stymied. You know there are money making opportunities in online marketing, but you’re busy serving customers, running your business. Who has time to figure all this out? Decision paralysis stops you from taking advantage.

That’s why my small business and non-profit clients call me to help them plan the best path to sales online.

It comes down to this: How do you incorporate your unique story, your products, and love of community into your internet marketing? Aside from your website, where should you be online?

For home based and small businesses, a written plan of attack is the ideal way to get your internet marketing off and running efficiently. And for the least dollars spent.

So let’s organize your process by aligning goals with execution.

After choosing the right platforms, we’ll structure your social media posts, blog, and list building to meet the needs of your unique audience.

In this way you’ll engage your audience. You’ll attract valuable attention on social media. Boost your SEO rankings. And win market share as people get to know, like, and trust your brand.

Let me help you build a track to run on. Let’s make it easier for you to stay in front of your audience. Build your business on a regular basis.

Get in touch today. Let’s talk about developing your online strategy.

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Let’s talk about developing your online strategy.