QR Codes

QR Codes

Everybody’s doing QR codes lately, and with good reason.  They’re a super simple way to drive traffic to your

  • website
  • signup form
  • digital business card
  • payment mechanism

Or any other “digital location.  But where do you get them and how do you use them?

QR stands for “Quick Response.”  When you hover over a QR code with your smartphone camera, an option pops up to open the link which you click and you are instantly directed to the web address or appropriate location.  The response is indeed quick.  I didn’t realize how much they were used until I took out a stack of business cards in my desk recently and noticed that there were several that had a QR code on them.  It’s a quick way for people to find out more information about what you do, right from your business card.

They are often used in marketing and advertising campaigns.  I’ve seen QR codes to open up menus for restaurants, placed on brochures, posters, and even as an entry to sign up or registration forms.  One client of mine wanted to use a QR code for a link to a live survey during a presentation.  They’re so handy, everyone can use them, even those who aren’t tech-savvy.  QR codes take all that pain out of typing a website address on those tiny numbers on that tiny keyboard of your phone that gets half of letters wrong anyway.

So we’ve concluded that they’re useful, great!

So where do you get one?

There are a lot of different websites you can visit out there that can generate a QR code for you.  A quick search will return websites like QRFY.com, QR-code-generator.com, Shopify,com and QRStuff.com just to name a few.  But how do you know what you need?  And do you have to pay for them?

Most sites offer a subscription to the QR code generators ranging from $10/month to $20/month.  Maybe not worth it for a business that just starting out.  But for businesses that would like to track the traffic (number of opens, who is opening them etc.) the upgrade can be useful.  Paid versions can also offer design editing (changing colors and shapes), and putting your logo right into the code.

My favorite is QR Code Monkey.  The site claims it’s the most popular free online code generator out there.  You can change the colors and add your logo, and it’s all free.  It creates a code for:

  • URL
  • Text
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Vcard
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Bitcoin

and many other web based locations.  The free version doesn’t offer tracking and reporting but most small businesses don’t need that detailed information anyway for most of the things they are using it for.  Here is a screenshot of their dashboard to make one. It’s super easy.  Try it out yourself at https://www.qrcode-monkey.com


If you need help programming a QR code for your business, please reach out. I’d be happy to help you!

Until next time,

Leigh Ann

Hilltop specializes in website design and development for small businesses throughout Central New York and beyond. Call 315.717.6218 or email me here

Unsure About a DIY Website?

The internet has powered a do it yourself world that has people fixing, building, and servicing things themselves. Just Google “how to [your project]” and you’re on your way. You’ll get the job done for less than what you’d pay someone else to do it for you.

You may conclude, then, that you don’t have to “hire it done” with your business or nonprofit website. So you google “how to build a website” and get results from providers such as SquareSpace, GoDaddy, and Wix.

All of these offer both free and paid versions of their DIY website builders. Should you consider these when thinking about your business website? Why pay a website developer when you can save money and do it yourself?

It may sound good, but a word of caution.

Clients often come to me after they’ve tried one of these sites and they weren’t satisfied.  For example, one told me about his experience with Wix. His major complaint was that it took too much time to figure out. And when he made a design move, it would often mess up the page he’d already built.

He became timid, compromising on the design of his pages. After all, who had hours to try to figure out how to fix the pages if something went wrong. He felt trapped, unable to move outside the boundaries of the template.

Others have similar stories with the other DIY website platforms.

They start and quit because they’re busy and it takes time to learn the software. Or they finish but they’re frustrated the site doesn’t look good.

They have a vision of a nice site, but everything gets messy because their pictures aren’t in the right place, they don’t have time to write enough content, or they can’t place things where they want to. Pages even have the wrong titles and they don’t even realize it and the footers look empty.

All of this got me wondering how these platforms presented themselves, so I decided to take a look at the Wix website to see what it offered.

Their homepage listed the benefits: a “smart drag and drop editor, 1000’s of advanced design capabilities, custom domain, logo, and more brand tools, full-stack web dev tools for custom functionality, and AI technology that creates a site for you.”

It all sounds great until you realize, you have to do it all yourself! I mean, full-stack web dev tools for custom functionality? What does that even mean?

Here’s the thing, Wix is fine if you’re a website developer. But you’re not. You’re a business owner. You have products and services to sell. And no time for “1000’s of advanced design capabilities.” Or “full-stack” whatevers!

Forget DIY overwhelm.

Let me help you create a website that tells your story online. You won’t pay high priced agency fees. And you definitely don’t need to be tech savvy. I will build a website unique to you and your business. I’ll manage all of your updates and changes.

But it doesn’t stop there. I’ll help you with your social media, logo, graphic design, and all of your other branded marketing collateral.

I guarantee you’ll be pleased with my pricing and amazed at the site I’ll build for you. Best of all, your customers will love their online experience with your business. And they’ll reward you with leads and sales.

Your website design is too important to your bottom line for DIY. And you don’t have time. Get in touch today and let me help you tell your story online.

Until next time,

Leigh Ann

Hilltop specializes in website design and development for small businesses throughout Central New York and beyond. Call 315.717.6218 or email me here.