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Founded in 2018, Hilltop Marketing is a website design & marketing agency based in upstate NY serving organizations of all types from businesses to non-profits.  Hilltop gives your organization a digital presence you can be proud of with  a modern website and growth services, strategic marketing, and that professional polish.  

Leigh Ann

Founder, Website Designer


Marketing Coordinator


Content Writer

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Leigh Ann Dillon | Founder

Leigh Ann is the founder, website designer & creative director.  She loves WordPress the most and gets super excited when clients gain exposure, increase sales, and are finally proud of how they look online. 
Leigh Ann has a B.A. in Communications from the State University of New York in Oswego and learned all the ways of websites from Google, YouTube and Josh Hall’s Web Designer Pro courses. She loves her family ❤️, her country 🇺🇸, and Jesus ✝️.  

Sophie | Marketing coordinator

Sophie is the Marketing Coordiantor Extraordinare, working on social media planning, marketing reports and writing. Based in Boston, Sophie provides valuable data for clients that help drive strategy and has an attention to detail to ensure every published piece of content hits its mark.  

She’s a graduate of Hamilton College with a B.A. in English Literature and French. 

Matt | Content Writer

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