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Leigh ann dillon

FOUNDER AND website strategist at hilltop marketing

I’m Leigh Ann Dillon and I specialize in helping small businesses and non-profits share their story online. I create affordable, custom WordPress websites and do marketing for all kinds of small businesses and nonprofits.  

I serve my community as a board member of the Mohawk Valley Rotary Club, as a member of the Promotions Committee at the Herkimer County Chamber of Commerce, and as the Chair of Marketing at the Mohawk Valley Business Women’s Network

I love my family, my country 🇺🇸, and I love to read, and I love to run.   


About hilltop marketing


Full website design from an idea to launch day. Build authority in the marketplace. Get visitors to know, like, and trust your brand. And get sales and leads right away.

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Protect your investment by making sure your website is secure. With Hilltop’s in your corner, your site is secure, protected and updated so you can focus on your business.  

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Online exposure, marketing, and strategy planning for your website.  Gain more exposure by putting a strategy in place to make your website work hard for you! 

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How much would you pay a sales person to work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? That’s exactly what you are getting when you decide to invest in a professional website design. Just imagine – a digital presence you can be proud of. 

Hilltop designs professional WordPress websites that grow with your business.  And we maintain it for you.  

So let’s showcase your products and services to the world. Establish your credibility.  Show authority in the marketplace.  Make money online.    


Protect your investment

Hilltop makes sure your site is protected,  maintained, backed up and secure.

Once a website is live, it’s not only important to protect it from malware and hackers but it’s also important to keep the tools in the site updated and to make sure it’s running quickly and efficiently.

The monthly maintenance plan includes all that and more. Hilltop is here for you to make sure your site is protected, maintained, & backed up on the regular. 

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Let’s get a strategy in place to make your website work for you!  Get more exposure and leads.  Get more traffic and email inquiries.  Call for a quote. 


On average, it’s a safe bet to shoot for a four to six week turnaround. But some sites can come together in as little as a week or two! The pace is based largely on how much content is provided, and how much input you are able to give during the initial stages.  Other factors are your availability, and the time it takes to receive feedback. Also, the functionality needs for the site will impact timeline.  More complex sites with functions to program will take more time to develop.

WordPress is the best, I dare you to change my mind!  WordPress is so flexible it can grow with your business and that is one of the reasons Hilltop uses WordPress as the platform for all new sites.  But don’t worry, I teach you how to make simple changes and manage it on your own if you want to.  I promise, even the least tech savvy person can make updates.  

Yes! We love it when you take the reigns of your website and manage it on your own. You’ll be provided with an easy to understand “how to” guide to help you learn your way around, as well provide you with a training session to help get you on your way. 

Yes!  We provide ongoing support options for you at the launch of your website so you can decide what type of plan is best for you.  Hands-free or hands-on.  

Having a mobile friendly site is A MUST.  Hilltop works hard to make sure your site looks great on a phone, tablet, laptop, desktop and large screen.  

Hilltop is here to help you as much or as little as you need, and we make a point to be available long after the site is launched.   


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