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A website success story

Let me tell you a story from a business associate of mine.

He told me about the time he hadn’t seen a dentist in a while. His former dentist had retired. So he searched online.

As he searched, he began to notice that he was drawn to the dentist offices with better websites. It made a difference in his thinking.

And he was skeptical of the ones without websites. In fact, he wrote them off. After all, could he trust an office to practice the latest in dentistry if they didn’t even have a website?

The upshot: He picked the local office that presented itself best online. And one x-ray, three cavities, two crowns, and a cleaning later, they got thousands of dollars worth of business!

Here’s the thing, a website is a tremendous opportunity to reach your audience when they’re ready to buy. To build authority in the marketplace. To get visitors to know, like, and trust your brand. And to get a sale or lead right away.

All for much less than traditional advertising. I hope you’ll seriously consider a website for your business. And I can help. I specialize in the design and development of websites for small business. I’ll also be there for you managing your new site.

Leigh Ann Dillon – Hilltop Marketing – Website DesignSo let’s talk. If you have questions or want a quote, get in touch here. Or give me a call at 315.717.6218. Let me help you create a web presence that attracts attention and engages your audience. You’ll win a bigger market share and satisfy customers who love doing business online.

–  Leigh Ann

Hilltop specializes in website design and development for small business throughout Central New York and beyond. Call 315.717.6218 or contact us here.

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